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I have posted previously about how we are all connected. Like it or not, we are all connected in some way and there is great value in these connections. My ask today is for you to BE a connector.

Someone near you is looking for some type of connection. Whether they are looking for information, a service, or some object, they need some help. Someone they don’t know has the information they need. You may be the person who has the ability to connect that dot for them! There is a great deal of value for you, those near you, and the community as a whole for that dot being connected. We can move forward as a group once that connection is made.

Frequently I hear from individuals that they do not have anything to offer in helping connect others. Rarely have I ever met someone where this is true. We all have valuable experience, expertise, and connections even if they are not being used at the moment. Someone is looking for the connections you have!

So my request is simple. Focus your attention on where you can be a connector. What groups do you participate in and where are opportunities to connect others? This could be in a job search. It could be in terms of new clients. Maybe solving a mechanical or household problem. Or as simple as what social media group helps in connecting others. The vast majority of people find value in helping others. You have a role to play.

Where are you limiting yourself in the belief that you have something valuable to offer as a connector? What prevents you from helping others connect? Keep your eyes are ears open as you go through your day. Where are there opportunities to be a connector? –

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