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Bioaccumulation is the concentration of contaminates upward through the higher levels of a system. This biology term describes how ecosystems and food chains work. I would offer the suggestion it also occurs with human beliefs and emotional and intellectual energy.

As an example, mercury is introduced into an aquatic system through a water source. The mercury settles onto the floor of a lake or river and is absorbed by the plants. Aquatic invertebrates then eat the plants. The invertebrates are in turn eaten by small fish. Larger fish eat the small fish. Finally, humans catch and eat the larger fish. The mercury absorbed by the plants is concentrated at each level of the food chain. It may not be toxic at the lower levels, but concentrates at each level until it is toxic to humans. This creates eating advisories all over the world about how much fish is healthy to eat in given period.

Does this happen in our psychological world? If my grandparents believed it wasn’t safe to move away from home, I might have a family that lives near each other. This has benefits and disadvantages, but as a grandchild I haven’t seen much of the world, I might be at a significant disadvantage in understanding different perspectives around the country or world. My beliefs concentrate into something unhealthy.

The antidote to bioaccumulation is to remove the source of the contaminate. The contaminated water must be cleaned before it reaches the river or lake to prevent humans from being poisoned by mercury. The negative belief or behavior needs to be interrupted to prevent being passed forward.

Where are you concentrating beliefs and emotional energy that might have a greater negative effect if passed forward? –

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