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Where do you want to end up? Whether it is planning a vacation, or developing a career path, or creating a lasting relationship, if you do not set a vision of where you want to end up you will likely never get there!

By having a sense of the long term goals for each of the domains in our lives, we automatically create meaning and purpose in what we do on a daily basis. The more that our vision can align with our values and priorities, the more fulfilling the pursuit of that vision will be! Not having a vision, or going away from our vision, creates dissonance and disruption in our lives.

What vision do you need to set for your life? –


Vision - Rhoads Life Coaching


Finding meaning & purpose in daily life

The Next Chapter – Rhoads Life Coaching

Next Chapter - Rhoads Life Coaching


I am excited to announce a new chapter in my coaching practice!

Beginning next week (September 18th), I will have greater flexibility and availability as I step into a full-time coaching! This gives me the opportunity to offer a wider range of workshops and coaching services.

So please take a minute to share this with anyone you know who might be interested in one-on-one coaching, a personal development workshop with a group of friends, or a small business owner who would appreciate help in team building, vision building, or intentional business development.


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Finding meaning & purpose in daily life

Perfectionism – Rhoads Life Coaching

Watch out for perfectionism! Buying into the ideal of doing something perfectly can be a slippery slope. Aspiring to be better & succeed is a worthy goal & we want to be challenged & grow. But there is always room for improvement & sometimes needing things to be or go perfectly leads to a belief of ‘not good enough’ or even ‘not worth trying’. Self-observation can create an awareness of when the need to be perfect drains our energy & power. Stepping down from needing a perfect outcome creates power & a natural flexibility to living. Wanting things to be perfect can be a trap! –

Congruence & Internal Alignment

What if you had the ability to be more confident and powerful in your decisions? How often in your day do you feel forced into choices that create a sense of internal conflict? When do your head, or your heart, or your gut not agree about specific topics? By becoming aware of these different internal centers, you can create the ability to align them into more powerful decisions. Ask yourself – “Why does my head have trouble deciding?” or “What does my heart need in this moment?” or “What do I need to be able to trust my gut?”

By having a sense of congruence, or internal alignment, in these centers we are able to make more confident, authentic choices.


Psychological Mirrors

Have you ever noticed how a group of people can go to a movie or a sporting event and each person can come away with a very different experience of the exact same event? Or how you can stand in front of a painting with someone you know and each see different things? How we experience an event or an object is more about each of us as individuals than it is the event or object itself. Suddenly the world becomes a mirror that reflects pieces of who we are. By being able to see this psychological mirror, and its reflection of ourselves, we can begin to choose whether to change what is reflected back! If I can choose what the world reflects back to me, the world has the potential to become a better place. With each person or event that causes a reaction, try asking yourself, “How is this a mirror for me?” –


Holons – Rhoads Life Coaching

You are built of, and into, many holons. A holon is a nested series of individual units that fit into a bigger independent unit.  From sports leagues to interstellar systems, these nested hierarchies help us understand how our universe works! You are part of a bigger picture and plan!  How does that add meaning and purpose to what you choose to do? What are the implications to your family, community, nation, and planet if you do not reach to a higher potential and fulfill your purpose in these holons? –