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Fractals are objects in which the same pattern is observed at multiple scales (larger and smaller) inside an object and the system around it. They are a way of describing the patterns of what seem to be random and chaotic things. They occur almost everywhere! We see them in waves on the surface of the ocean, the rivulets flowing into a stream and then a river, and the patterns of leaves on trees in a forest.

It was inspiring this week, in visiting the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio, to see all of the fractals of leaves, trees, flowers, and sunlight creating patterns everywhere. Even the light changes in the video reflected the fractals created by the leaves above me! They are literally everywhere we look!

What if your life IS a fractal?

What are the potential impacts of that statement? How would you change your behavior if you lived your life through a fractal lens? I offer the observation that the randomness and chaos might be built into the system on purpose. There is a benefit to the fractals of your life. Suddenly there would be meaningful information in the chaos of your life!

If the complexity of the patterns we see on the ocean, or in the woods, or on the sand on the beach, the ceiling of a cathedral, or the feathers on a bird are mesmerizing, then we have the ability to see the beauty in the chaos of our lives. Suddenly each seemingly random pattern in your life becomes a “stitch in life’s rich tapestry” (Arthur Marshall).

Your life is a fractal. It is meant to be complex and seemingly chaotic. It is part of a larger pattern. Your purpose is to accept and see the beauty of your role in that pattern. –

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