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Have you ever noticed how sometimes it is difficult getting started? Not just with big projects, but in nearly all aspects of our lives. Why is that?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m bit of a science nerd (visiting the forested wetland at Gilmore Ponds for this video was really cool!). But, Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless an outside force is acted upon it. The corollary to this is the initial effort to start an object moving is greater than the effort to keep an object moving (creating momentum). It turns out this doesn’t just apply to apples or rockets or automobiles. In a way, it applies to all aspects of our lives.

You can create intellectual momentum. Frequently getting started on homework is the hardest part! You can create emotional momentum. Tough conversations are easier once they are going.

For a lot of us though that getting started part is much more difficult that once the momentum is created. How does that show up for you? What aspects of your life (big and small) do you find that initial hurdle of getting started? Are there things that you really want to do but have never achieved because that initial effort was too great?

For me (and when I am coaching), the motivation and then accountability of getting started becomes a big factor in creating the things we want for ourselves. Finding that vision of how things will be once you are going, and then creating that initial burst of energy and effort to get over that first hurdle of getting started, makes growth and development much easier on the other side. –

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