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We have a strange relationship with humility. Frequently we do not make a distinction in humility vs. self-deprecation. We want to be affirmed, but don’t want to be boastful. We want others to recognize our value instead proclaiming it. Sometimes we hide our talent or ability and this self-deprecation limits our ability to help others connect with what they want and need.

To be clear, I am not advocating for boastful pride. I do not recommend exaggeration and lies about what you have done or who you are. I am suggesting that for most of us we hold back in some way and sell ourselves short before the world is able to recognize our value.

How does this appear in your life? Do you not give data to your clients or employer describing what you have accomplished in the last year? Have you kept your mouth shut in a meeting or conflict when you have an idea for a potential solution? Do you decide that someone isn’t going to like you before you go into an interview or out on a date?

I would argue that we have each been given a light to shine out into the world. Our talents, our strengths, our values and abilities are needed around us and hiding those lights under a basket prevent the world from receiving your value.

This self-deprecation is not valuable. There is a need to be modest and humble with how we describe ourselves. But if you are limiting the accuracy of our talents and gifts you are not filling your purpose! –

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