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Sometimes we scare ourselves into thinking the thoughts & emotions we have are too terrifying to examine. In reality the unknown things about ourselves are still just us. At the end of the day, it’s just you – there is no need to be afraid.

Do you remember as a small child standing at the top of the stairs (or running back up the stairs) to the basement? We were able to imagine something truly terrifying about the unknown darkness of the basement. The same could be said for the monster under the bed, or whatever demon lived in your closet.

The reality was (and is) that none of those monsters ever existed. It was all our imagined fear. We created a story that didn’t match anything close to reality.

My experience in coaching suggests we tend to do a similar thing now as adults in examining our internal selves. It is easy to create a story that the fear or anger or sadness we hold inside is SO overwhelming. We find it easier to just be afraid & not look down into the basements or closets of who we are.

It has also been my experience that for most of us, once we turn some internal lights on & look under our internal beds, the things we are afraid of most inside aren’t really that scary. Just like the monster in the closet, it is your imagine creating the fear. All that is inside of you is just a place you don’t know much about, it’s still just you.

My ask is to consider the possibility you have nothing to fear about what goes on inside of you. Your thoughts, emotions, & sensations are what make you a human being. Shedding some light on those shadowy places offers the opportunity to relieve some fear. It offers the opportunity to find valuable things that may have been stored deep inside you (including the racketball racket lost behind the furnace). –

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