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Sometimes we have trouble seeing change based on large pools of historical data. Letting go of old data sets helps measure whether we are growing or not.

Take a 5-gallon bucket full of water and add 5 more drops of water. It might be REALLY difficult to measure any change in the water (or the bucket). Now empty the bucket (all the way), and THEN add 5 drops of water. It might not be easy, but I would bet you it is possible to see a change in the water (and the bucket) with just the 5 drops.

Do we do this in relationships? How about to ourselves? When navigating a conflict, or asking for a change, do you bring ALL of the previous data you have collected to your measurement? Are you surprised when it is difficult to see a change when the old data skews your view?

Please do not hear that I am advocating dismissing prior experience. It is vital that the things we have learned be kept as reference.

What I am advocating is looking for instances where new data gets washed out, or can’t be seen, through the lens of historical beliefs. My ask is to consider creating new data sets when asking for change and letting go of the old data in your calculations as to whether your life is improving or declining. Just like bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, it is possible to see their presence first as an attribute, then a nuisance, then as an attribute again.

Where do you need to start a new data set in your life? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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