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Do you know the difference between motivation vs. accountability? We sometimes get them confused. Think of motivation as the reason (the why) you want to do something. Accountability ends up being the mechanism by which we make it happen (the how).

I set my alarm clock in the morning not because I am motivated to get up early, but because I want accomplish something early in the day – like getting to work on time or going for a run. The alarm clock is not the motivation to get up, it is the backstop I put in place to hold myself accountable for getting out of bed. The motivation is to be on time, or go for a run before the rest of the day gets started.

Do you confuse your motivation with your accountability? What motivates you? What measures do you put in place to help you reach for your goals? Blurring the line between motivation vs. accountability sets us down the path of confusion our goals and vision. We aren’t getting a job for a paycheck, we are working hard to further our career or to save money for a vacation, nice home, or putting our kids through school.

Where do you confuse your motivation vs. accountability? Where would it help to clarify these roles in your daily tasks? –

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