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Personal Development Workshops

I am VERY excited to announce a new opportunity! Rhoads Life Coaching is now offering digital personal development workshops!

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In meeting with clients, it became obvious there is greater need for the tools and concepts I use on a regular basis for coaching. My hope is you will find these modules as a way of continuing your growth and development!

These 10 to 30-minute self-guided tutorials offer a deeper dive into some of the foundational topics of my coaching. By being able to proceed at your own pace, reflecting on topics and observing yourself in each module, you will increase the purpose and meaning in your daily life.

Start your work with the FREE module, “Whole Person Approach To Growth and Development”. Sign up today!

As an added benefit, anyone who signs up now will receive a 25% discount off the entire catalogue of topics until May 6th!

The workshop platform an evolving experience. New modules will be added on a regular basis. Live webinars will be offered to continue learning. Come join us and add a new level of development to who you are! –

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