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It doesn’t matter what theory, dream, vision, goal, desire, or belief system you have until you create some practical application of that idea. Reading about shooting foul shots may be a helpful tool, but expecting to shoot foul shots without practicing is unrealistic. That also applies to our values, priorities, goals, and vision. It may be comforting to dream of a better job, or a wonderful vacation, but until you make make practical steps to apply that vision, you are only daydreaming. The same can be said for the belief systems, self-development, and growth we say we prescribe to.  All of the self-help books in the world will not change anything until you apply the steps outlined. Without taking a positive attitude, or loving your neighbor and enemy into the world, our spirituality and religion do not serve their purpose. These ideas were not meant to stay as theories.

What practical application are you missing from your daily life? What goals have you set that you are not working towards? What do you believe about how we should treat each other that you are not implementing? What do you need to start practicing? What is your motivation to start and keep going? Who will hold you accountable? –

Practical Application - Rhoads Life Coaching


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