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What is self-confidence for you? Where are you confident in your ability? Where are you not? Just like any other skill, self-confidence can be developed.

Have you ever taken the time to look at the elements of confidence? How do you define it? Does it include experience? Flexibility? Comfort? What are the things you are confident in outside of yourself? The weather forecast? Your local sports team? Taco Tuesday? What creates that confidence? Reputation? Repetition? Experience?

How is self-confidence different for you? Are there things you trust others in more than yourself? How about yourself more than others? Why is that? Self-confidence can be a tricky thing based on how we define it. I may be confident in my ability to make a sarcastic and unhelpful observation, but not confident in my ability to speak in front of a live audience. Understanding the different arena and levels of confidence in myself is helpful in figuring out ways to build higher levels of confidence. Understanding the mechanisms through which your own confidence is build goes a long way toward building it more effectively. –

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