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Change is not an instantaneous process. It happens in stages. Knowing which stages of change you are passing through may assist in navigating your next step of growth.

Prochaska and DiClemente developed the Transtheoritical Model (Stages of Change) in the 1970’s. It has 5 steps:

PRE-CONTEMPLATION – We need to think about thinking about change before we begin. I want to stop smoking, but I’m not really serious about it. I just wish I could stop. Nothing changes.

CONTEMPLATION – I start to seriously think about what changing would look like. I want to lose weight. But instead of dreaming about it, I start to sort out which diet strategy I might use and how much weight I would like to lose.

PREPARATION – All change involves making plans. Something may be gained and something will have to be given up. I have decided I want to take a trip. Now I have to buy the tickets. Who will take care of the dogs? Did I submit my vacation request at work?

ACTION – This is the implementation phase. After sitting empty for more than 50 years, the Peters Cartridge Factory is being renovated to become something new. Change is happening!

MAINTENANCE – Once I stop smoking, hit my target weight, use the vacation time, or renovate the building, each will have to be maintained. The cartridge factory has been through multiple renovations since it was built in the mid-1800’s.

RELAPSE – Every change will develop into something else. Some changes have to be done again. Others will create a different change. If not maintained the building will relapse back into an abandoned shell.

So what changes are you facing? Which stage are you in? The model is not linear. We may vacillate between stages (for long periods of time). What are you working on next and how will this model help you figure out your next step?

AND OH BY THE WAY, Please forgive me. In the video I say that the factory is in Loveland, OH. It isn’t. It is obviously in Kings, OH. My most sincere apology. –

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