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What is the difference between isolation vs. solitude? Both involve being alone. What if the intention behind each changes how you use them?

While the dictionary definitions of each are similar, I would argue that they have subtlety different meaning. That difference, for me, comes down to intent.

When I feel isolated there is a sense of it being something I don’t really want. It is imposed (either by self or someone else). It isn’t always a bad thing, but isolation is a restricting thing. Something reducing freedom and choice.

Solitude on the other hand feels like something I do want and is something I get to choose. There is a sense of freedom and I have control over when it begins and ends. It is something I willingly move towards when I need it.

Do you make this distinction for yourself? Are you able to compare isolation vs. solitude for yourself and others? Where do the two appear in your life? My request is to look for both as you go through your day. Where does isolation appear and where can it be changed to solitude? What are the benefits and liabilities for each? My bet is you will find more fulfillment and purpose in choosing solitude when given the opportunity and more accepting in isolation when needed. –

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