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I am taking my own advice and pausing for a few minutes to celebrate my 100th video this week! It is hard to believe! If you look back to June 2017, there was no indication that I would make it this far! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that 100 different conversations was possible. Thank you so much for following along and sharing! This would not have been possible without you! Thank you for watching!

This video was shot at the Loveland Castle in Loveland, OH. In visiting and recording here it was hard to miss the overlap with lots of different topics I have presented previously. Harry Andrews had a very clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish and that vision continued to grow and develop in the 50+ years that he worked (almost single-handedly) on building the castle along the Little Miami River. None of the castle would have been possible without a clear sense of vision, values, priorities, goals, perseverance, motivation, and sense of connectedness and being a part of something bigger. The castle, and its story, embody many of the core themes of my coaching philosophy and practice.

Having said all of that, where is your castle? Where do you fit into the world and what is the role you are intended to play? If some one can see where a medieval can fit into the landscape and story of a river in Ohio, or some one else can start working next week on the path toward the next 100th video, what are you working to create? Where do you find meaning and purpose in your life? How are you building that up? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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Creative Spark (Erasing the Blank Page) – Rhoads Life Coaching

How do you spark creativity? Are you intentional about trying to find sources of inspiration? What tricks do you use to make a creative spark?

Just like any other skill or strength, the ability to generate that creative spark can be developed. Some of the most innovative businesses and people in the world intentionally spur themselves to be creative. They go out of their way to create new ideas.

I recently heard the phrase of using that creative spark as a means of “erasing the blank page”. The image comes to mind of the writer stuck in front of a blank screen or page, searching for inspiration. Stalled out with nothing to say. The idea of putting something, ANYTHING, on the page erases the blank page and allows the words to flow. This could apply to your career, a relationship, eating better, searching for a new job… just about anything.

So how do you do that for yourself? The belief that we are not creative is false. Everyone has some form of creativity. When you get stuck, what do you do? Do you go for a walk? Talk to someone who is creative? Find an inspiring place to sit? Search a completely different topic or industry for ideas? Find ways to intentionally make a spark and keep being creative! – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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finding meaning and purpose in daily life

Psychological Country – Rhoads Life Coaching

Your Psychological Country is the internal world you live in. Have you ever thought of it that way? I have written previously about each of us standing between our internal and external world, but have you considered that internal world as its own country?

If that is true, do you know what is there? Have you ever explored it? It is as big (or bigger) than the external world!

If you took some time to describe it, what would it look like? Are there vast open spaces? Is it crowded? Does it vary? Are there places it isn’t safe to go by yourself? Who lives there? Are there spots that are abandoned or dilapidated?

The benefit of being able to see your Psychological Country is there is an opportunity to develop it! Are there potholes of negativity that need to be filled in? Where are the impoverished areas of your internal world that need development?

The reality is the more we develop and enhance our internal psychological country, the more effective we are at navigating the external world. What part of your Psychological Country needs to be developed next? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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finding meaning and purpose in daily life