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Bioaccumulation is the concentration of contaminates upward through the higher levels of a system. This biology term describes how ecosystems and food chains work. I would offer the suggestion it also occurs with human beliefs and emotional and intellectual energy.

As an example, mercury is introduced into an aquatic system through a water source. The mercury settles onto the floor of a lake or river and is absorbed by the plants. Aquatic invertebrates then eat the plants. The invertebrates are in turn eaten by small fish. Larger fish eat the small fish. Finally, humans catch and eat the larger fish. The mercury absorbed by the plants is concentrated at each level of the food chain. It may not be toxic at the lower levels, but concentrates at each level until it is toxic to humans. This creates eating advisories all over the world about how much fish is healthy to eat in given period.

Does this happen in our psychological world? If my grandparents believed it wasn’t safe to move away from home, I might have a family that lives near each other. This has benefits and disadvantages, but as a grandchild I haven’t seen much of the world, I might be at a significant disadvantage in understanding different perspectives around the country or world. My beliefs concentrate into something unhealthy.

The antidote to bioaccumulation is to remove the source of the contaminate. The contaminated water must be cleaned before it reaches the river or lake to prevent humans from being poisoned by mercury. The negative belief or behavior needs to be interrupted to prevent being passed forward.

Where are you concentrating beliefs and emotional energy that might have a greater negative effect if passed forward? –

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Where To Start? (Which Obstacle First?) – Rhoads Life Coaching LLC

Frequently we have a clear vision of where we want to go, but don’t know where to start. Almost always the answer has to do with what is closest. The most immediate obstacle or task is the place to start.

During coaching it is common for a client to wonder where to start. They may have a sense of what they want to achieve and the being able to decide where to start is frequently the obstacle that prevents us from taking a risk and trying.

Where does this happen for you? We all have examples. Our first or second attempts didn’t work and now we are stuck about what to do next (or even give up completely).

My experience is that we get ahead of ourselves setting out on a new goal; missing or skipping an obstacle that we couldn’t see (or hear). Almost always the place to start is with what is the most immediate obstacle. It makes it more difficult to lose 20 pounds if I don’t know my starting weight. Getting a scale is where to start!

When setting out toward a vision or goal it helps to pause for a moment and figure out where you are on the map. Where are your feet on the map? Then determine what is blocking your steps toward that goals in the first few steps. This creates the momentum and positive start to keep moving forward.

I apologize for the high pitched whistle in the beginning of this video. More evidence that I am losing some of the higher ranges of my hearing. If I had known it was there I would have waited to shoot. The view was too good to pass up! And I’m glad we were there to record! I was unable to remove the whistle during editing. The place to start? Another ear exam to see how much has changed in the last year. –

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Holiday Coaching Gift Certificates


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Who on your list would love a gift that keeps giving?

Purchase gift certificates for the number of coaching sessions you want to gift through the Contacts Page on our website. –

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Name the Fear (You Are Not Your Fear) – Rhoads Life Coaching LLC

What do you fear? Can you say it out loud or write it down? Frequently we lose courage and energy by avoiding an unnamed and hidden anxiety or terror. There is power in being able to name the fear!

Just like J.K. Rowling’s “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named”, our fear builds by not naming what scares us. The fear itself steals our energy as much or more than the actual person or situation.

What are you afraid of? Speaking in public? Losing a loved one? Losing your job? What would it take to say it out loud or to write the fear down? Suddenly the things we are afraid of is outside of us instead of swirling around inside. We can see it and don’t have to work to hide it.

One step further – C.S. Lewis wrote the “Screwtape Letters” giving a senior devil in hell an actual name and persona. By creating a character the fear not only materialized, but could also be observed and understood. What if you not only named your fears, but then gave them a name?

Suddenly you could talk to your fears like they were a person. If the fear is a character then it is no longer who you are as a person yourself. Do you believe that about yourself? You are not your fears!

Give it a try! Who would best embody your fear? What do they look like or sound like? What do they say and how do they behave? All of these answers provide context about how to overcome and banish that fear. You can take your power back when you name the fear! –

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Being Fierce vs. Being Aggressive – Rhoads Life Coaching

From my viewpoint, there is a difference between being fierce vs. being aggressive. As a culture we have a difficult time being powerful, assertive, and confident without being aggressive. There is a dilemma in being aggressive in our attempts to move toward what we want. In my mind aggression has an aspect of violence in it that frequently does harm to those around us.

So how is fierce different? For me, the image of being fierce has a sense of fire, a passionate burning, a confidence that holds boundaries and drives us forward. Being fierce has many of the same characteristics as being aggressive without the addition of violence.

Why do you care? If our main method of teaching how to be bold, confident, and passionate comes through the lens of being aggressive, we create athletes, business partners, and personal relationships laced with the mindset that violence is acceptable.

What would it look like to be fierce instead of aggressive? Is it possible for you to be passionate, bold and confident without being violent? How would you treat yourself and others? What do you need in order to create that fire in your belly that doesn’t burn you to the ground? Pay attention to when you are being fierce vs. being aggressive. Can you remove some of the aggression from your confidence and boldness? –

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The Need To Struggle (The Value of Resistance) – Rhoads Life Coaching

Do you see the value in the need to struggle? Sometimes I wonder if we lose perspective in our desire for life to go easy and well. The need to struggle is valuable in life!

There seems to be an inherent bias in living that requires struggling to grow and develop. We can’t become stronger and more coordinated if there is no resistance back in what we want to do.

Think about that, there is a benefit in young creatures struggling to stand, walk, and run. There is a benefit in struggling to learn the fundamentals of education, or driving a car. We become better at the gym, or in developing our career, when there is resistance back. We become stronger and more capable!

If this is true, then are you able to change your perception of struggle? Instead of seeing our need to struggle and grow as a liability, it is possible to see it as an asset? Suddenly struggling becomes valuable! Taking one step further, what if the resistance we experience in our struggles with finding a better job, or saving money, or maintaining a relationship are something to be joyful about? How would struggle change for you?

Where do you struggle on a daily basis? What is the value for you in wanting that resistance to be part of living? –

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What Makes Up the Pieces of Patience? – Rhoads Life Coaching

What makes patience? There is a lot of benefit to understanding the components of how something is defined and works. It makes it easier to understand and develop. Because patience is a skill it can be built and developed. The building pieces then become important!

So what are the pieces that make up patience? This is a working definition for me, so please feel free to add or make suggestions. The elements of patience for me are:

Pause – When I lose my patience I have neglected to stop and look at what is happening around me. By pausing before I react, I give myself the opportunity to change my reaction. For me the first step in being more patient is pausing before I react.

Choice – By pausing I then get to choose. This choice is powerful! If I can choose which path I follow then I am not being forced (even if I don’t want to go that direction). By choosing patience I have power over my person.

Acceptance – This is a big one. By accepting the situation I am in, I automatically create the ability to choose patience. “This is the current dilemma, I choose to be here, I can accept the terms of following this path.”

Reducing negativity – Any time I can reduce negativity I am creating more choices and more acceptance. Negativity erodes patience. Any reduction in negativity helps.

Endurance – “I am willing to endure this” is a powerful statement. I am willing to be patient with traffic, long lines, to save for the vacation or house. “I am willing to wait” embodies patience. What are you willing to endure? And what do you need to endure a little bit more?

So what are you impatient about? What pieces of patience need to be developed in order to make more patience for yourself? What is the benefit for you if you are able to develop this skill and practice more patience? –

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Compassion For Your Shadow – Rhoads Life Coaching

We all have a dark, negative aspect to our personality that acts like a shadow. Being able to see it in ourselves automatically creates compassion for the shadow side of others.

Think about that for a minute. Do you agree that we each have really negative parts to who we are? It is really easy to deny that it is there. Just like our real life shadow though, it is impossible to have the light shine on us without creating insecurities, fears, and parts of our personality that are violent, destructive, dangerous and toxic.

Do not hear that I am advocating for letting these shadowing parts out to run around loose! They can hurt others and ourselves!

My point today is that this shadow part of our personality exists, whether we admit it or not. Acknowledging it is there is powerful because it creates the opportunity to have some compassion for ourselves in admitting that we spend a lot of time wrestling with these negative parts.

We all have a dark, negative aspect to our personality that acts like a shadow. Being able to see it in ourselves automatically creates compassion for the shadow side of others.

Where does your shadow come out in your life? What is its backstory? If you can see your shadow, can you see the shadow of others? What will it take to have some compassion for others who are wrestling with their shadows? –

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Third Anniversary! – Rhoads Life Coaching, LLC

Third Anniversary - Rhoads Life Coaching, LLC

Rhoads Life Coaching, LLC just completed its third year! – August is my third anniversary!

It is very important to me to pause for a moment to say thank you to the friends, family, partners, clients, and connections for all of the support and encouragement. What started as a part time project has already grown into a full time business. It continues to develop and evolve and expand. I have plans of future growth and development and all of this possible because of you.

Third Anniversary - Rhoads Life Coaching

I am excited to see where this path leads next! I hope you will continue to follow along to see what happens in the next year!

For now though, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your investment, encouragement, enthusiasm and support! –

Sincerely, John

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