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We sometimes lose track of the daily variation in our lives. Like the waves hitting the side of a boat, the fluctuations in our lives fall into the background. It helps to remind ourselves every once in a while that those daily waves are there and serve a purpose.

Have you ever been out on a boat and noticed the waves suddenly getting bigger? You weren’t paying attention to the smaller waves a few seconds before, but suddenly a subtle shift happens and you are being jostled about!

Does this also happen in your daily life? We don’t notice the ebb and flow of traffic until something gets jammed up. We don’t pay attention to the cycles of daily and weekly chores until someone comes to visit.

On the flip side, have you ever noticed how you are more sensitive to the daily variation when you are more tired and more stressed? It was nearly the same traffic yesterday, but today you aren’t feeling well and are more irritated by it.

What if riding the waves up and down in that daily variation is on purpose? What if we are intended to have to ride up and down through life, just like sailing across the ocean? How would your stress level be different if you were able to not be irritated by the day to day variations we all experience? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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