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Do you pay attention to the words you choose? When you are resolving a conflict are you using should’s and could’s to shame someone into compliance? In describing a goal your team wants to achieve are you using general terms that make the finish line vague and unachievable? Are you using too many words to give instructions, or too few? The words we use make a big difference in how we talk to each other (and ourselves)!

There are layers upon layers of complexity and power in the words you choose. Take the word spirit for example. It’s, root spiritus, is a very old Greek word that essentially means “breath”. Breath can be kind of a mundane word until you:

Inspire – breathe in

Conspire – breathe together or with

Respire – breathe out

Aspire – breathe up

What inspires you? Who do you conspire with to be connected to and supported by in the world? Do you breathe out all the stress and negativity in life, or hold it in until you pass out? Who do you aspire to be? What is the higher level of yourself that is being developed?

My request is to pay attention to the words you use. They are vitally important to how we engage with the world around us. They can make a difference in whether we move forward or backward in our development. Choose your words carefully! –

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