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Do you know the difference between being anxious vs. being excited? They sometimes have similar symptoms. The butterflies in our stomach, tightness in our chest, sweaty palms, flushed cheeks, and holding our breath can all be indicators that we are anxious. They could also be indicators of being excited. What’s the difference?

Anxiety is fundamentally a part of fear. When we are anxious we are worried or scared or fearful of something. Excitement is an extension of joy. We are happy and joyful and anticipating something when we are excited. They are VERY different! Isn’t it interesting, though, that they might feel similar to us?

So why do you care? If anxiety and excitement blend together for us, it is possible to feel both at the same time. Where do you feel a mix of both? We have a tendency to lump excitement into anxiety. Instead of taking the time separate the two, we say we are anxious or nervous. It changes the tone of how we engage the world. Instead of being nervous of the outcome of an interview, or a performance evaluation, or a child’s recital or athletic event, what if you were excited to see the outcome? Suddenly a dramatic event isn’t fearful, but joyful!

What is the practicality of this? For most of us there is a blend of being anxious vs. being excited in most of the things we do. Instead of just being anxious, start practicing by saying out loud, “I’m excited to see what happens.” Just practicing changes your view of the event and the potential outcomes.

I’m excited to hear what changes for you! –

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