Why Life Coaching? 

Rhoads Life CoachingHave you ever reached the point in the middle of a day and wondered to yourself,

is this as good as it gets?

It is a completely natural reaction to question whether there is more to life than simply surviving and trying to get ahead. If you are feeling stuck, the dilemma becomes what to do next. Life Coaching offers an opportunity to unlock potential in your personal and professional life; to explore and achieve the unique meaning and purpose you bring to the world. Everyone has a purpose for being here. What is yours?

Why Rhoads Life Coaching? 

As a Certified Life Coach, John guides individuals, teams, and small businesses to find their unique strengths, vision and purpose in a way that allows each person to see how they fill a role in the context of the world around them; to find purpose and meaning in daily life.  Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, seminars, vision planning, and action planning, John uses his gifts of being able to see the individual strengths of each person and the connection of how those strengths fit into the community and world to develop short, mid, and long-term goals.

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