Rhoads Life Coaching offers workshops that can be completed as individual units or as a series. The units can be used for team building for small business staff, department teams, and private small groups. The intent of each is to create the opportunity for self-reflection and development while also being able to relate to and learn from others. And to have some fun learning!

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  • Intentional Goal Setting
    • Defining Priorities vs. Values
    • Defining Whole Person Development – 5 Life Domains
    • Aligning Priorities & Valuesworkshops
    • Defining SMART Goals
    • Create SMART Goals for 5 Life Domains on 90-Day Timeframe
  • Personality Styles
    • Defining Personality
    • Exploring Why Our Gifts & Talents Are So Diverse
    • Complete Personality Assessment
    • Discuss How Personalities Interact – Attributes & Liabilities
    • Practical Applications of Personality Tool
    • Complete Love Languages Assessment
    • Review Love Language Results & Practical Applications
  • Conflict Resolution I
    • Define Triggers & Regression
    • Review of Triune Brain
    • Discuss Coping Mechanisms For Being Triggered
    • Review Conflict Resolution Styles
    • Practical Applications of Conflict Resolution Styles
    • Introduce ISHFI Communication Tool
  • Conflict Resolution II 
    • Overview of ISHFI Communication Toolworkshop
    • Introduction of Conflict Resolution Blueprint
    • Complete Conflict Resolutions Blueprint
    • Practice ISHFI
  • Creating Personal Vision
    • Overview of Vision – Where Does It Come From?
    • Vision vs. Goals
    • Creating Congruent Vision
    • Outcome of Creating Personal Vision Board
    • Practical Applications of Personal Vision
  • Creating Personal Purpose Statement 
    • Overview of Purpose
    • Exploring Strengths and Talents
    • Develop Personal Purpose Statement
    • Practical Applications of Purpose Statement
    • This Workshop Works Best Following Strength Finder Workshop
  • Priority Action Plan (PAP) Development 
    • Overview of PAPs – Put the Vision & Purpose into Action
    • Define Goals, Interventions, Outcome Objectives, & Process Objectives
    • Develop Personal or Corporate 12-Month PAP
    • This Workshop is an Intensive Exploration of the Details of Defining the Practical Steps of Implementing 12 Months of Goals
    • Best For 2 -6 Participants Per Workshop

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