In describing John’s coaching :

“I love giving gifts to my family and friends.  I take pride in putting a lot of thought into what I give and trying to give something unique, meaningful or fun.  This past year, I gave the gift of Rhoads Life Coaching sessions to a family member who was experiencing many life transitions.  It was hands down the best gift I have ever given anyone, and I give really great gifts!  The recipient has thanked me many times for giving her something so personal and so needed.  She has continued the coaching and says it is the best gift she has ever received!  Thank you John for the work you do, the lives you change and for making me a star gift giver!” Maria Q.

“Sometimes it is hard to understand that the path to change will include having to deal with difficult issues and meet them head-on. John uses complex tools in both his teaching and coaching styles, but he presents them in a way that is easy to understand. This forces the student to look at themselves in a different light and to expect greater things for themselves… As a daily life coach for me, John has given me the tools that I will use for  the rest of my life to deal with any adversity or difficult life decision.” – Lenette B.

“A way to help look at what’s blocking your path and how to work through it instead of move around it. The relationship (he creates) is strong and helps build a better relationship with yourself, which I think my generation lacks. You learn how to work through your problems instead of stuffing them or ignoring them, you learn about yourself. You’re able to interact with others on a better and deeper level.” – Melinda L.

“I’d say it’s like tough love. John pushes people to be the best they can. He gives different perspectives of different topics… John is kind of like the voice of reason! But he is not a buzz kill with his reasoning like many other people can be. John keeps people in check with reality while still being encouraging. A lot of people can give someone a reality check and completely crush their hopes and dreams. John doesn’t do that.”  – Zack S.