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From my viewpoint, there is a difference between being fierce vs. being aggressive. As a culture we have a difficult time being powerful, assertive, and confident without being aggressive. There is a dilemma in being aggressive in our attempts to move toward what we want. In my mind aggression has an aspect of violence in it that frequently does harm to those around us.

So how is fierce different? For me, the image of being fierce has a sense of fire, a passionate burning, a confidence that holds boundaries and drives us forward. Being fierce has many of the same characteristics as being aggressive without the addition of violence.

Why do you care? If our main method of teaching how to be bold, confident, and passionate comes through the lens of being aggressive, we create athletes, business partners, and personal relationships laced with the mindset that violence is acceptable.

What would it look like to be fierce instead of aggressive? Is it possible for you to be passionate, bold and confident without being violent? How would you treat yourself and others? What do you need in order to create that fire in your belly that doesn’t burn you to the ground? Pay attention to when you are being fierce vs. being aggressive. Can you remove some of the aggression from your confidence and boldness? –

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