Background Apps

Just like your smart phone, what background apps are running in your life? Which ones drain battery power and focus? Which ones can you turn off?

We all have at least one application on our phone that reduces the battery life of the phone, even when we aren’t using it. What application is it on your phone? The location finder? The GPS? For some of us it is a game that keeps tracking even if we aren’t playing. You aren’t able to use the phone to its full potential when these programs are still on in the background.

Have you ever noticed that you are tired or anxious or distracted and can’t figure out why? What if your brain is running background apps just like your phone? You aren’t able to function at your full capacity because something in the back of your brain is draining your energy. We all have some version of this.

The antidote? First, you have to pay attention to what applications are running inside you (especially the ones you are not currently using). The second step is to turn those apps off (some of these may be easier to turn off than others). Set them aside until you need them. If you can’t solve a problem in the current moment, practice setting it aside. Finally, review. Just like your phone it helps to go back on a regular basis to see what is still running in the background. –

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