Back To Basics (To Adjust Course) – Rhoads Life Coaching

It is normal for life to get moving so fast we drift away from the fundamentals of who we are and how we function. It is important to reset and get back to the basics in order to stay on course.

Where have you been drifting away from the core of who you are and how you do things? There have been so many disruptions this year, I would be surprised if you have not been pushed off course.

Regardless of the pandemic, drifting away from fundamentals is natural. That’s why athletic teams practice so much! What are the core components of who you are that have drifted lately? Are they personal? Professional? Is it an internal mindset or relationship that needs priority? How do you define The Basics for yourself?

Take some time this week and review where you might be drifting. What are the basics that bring you back? Journalling? A review of your values and strengths? The notes from a leadership program or certification? Prayer? Meditation? A meaningful poem or song? Your favorite movie? What practice brings you back to center? What are the basics of your practice? –

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