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In 2006 John Mayer won a grammy for his song, “Waiting On The World To Change.” In the popular lyrics he sang about being able to see the problems of the world and not having leadership to follow. His message and belief was he did not have the power or means to change the world, so he would keep waiting for the world to change itself.

I have always had a problem with his sentiment and belief. It is the waiting passively that I disagree with. I understand the feeling of powerlessness and being overwhelmed with the number of injustices in the world. But as the last 14 years have demonstrated, the world is not going to change for you. You have to be the spark that creates the change.

Now, much more than ever, the world needs something different to happen. Each of us is responsible for becoming the agent for those changes. If you see inequality or injustice in the world, now is the time to find your role in activating yourself and others in making those changes. Ironically, the simplest place to start is by changing our own internal world. If I become less negative. If I develop and grow, I am by default changing the world around me.

You have been given talents and strengths. You have a purpose. That purpose is NOT to sit by and wait for things to get better. Your purpose is to participate in making the world a better place. What is your version of that? How will you begin? Who will go with you?

Siting passively waiting for the world to change is a trap. It is time to do something different. The time is now. – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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