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It is starting to cool off! The days are getting shorter! This winter is going to have additional obstacles to overcome in terms of the pandemic and isolation. How are you going to survive it? Now is the time to prepare. What’s the plan?

Have you thought about that?

It has come up in several coaching sessions lately. The worry and dread of dealing with the pandemic during the winter. We have so far benefited from the spring, summer, and fall of being able to be outside and active while trying to social distance and stay safe. In hearing the concerns from some of my clients of coping with Covid in the cold and dark, now is the time to prepare!

From a coaching perspective, we have the ability to plan for the obstacles ahead. What new activity can you learn? Will you use your creativity to find a unique solution? What would be a different way to develop yourself? How are you going to intentionally make this winter different from other years?

Given how quickly each month seems to pass, if you do not prepare now for January and February, they will be here before you are ready. Now is the time to prepare! If you are passive you will find yourself on the couch watching TV with the same doldrums we struggle against now. What is the plan? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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