Repentance (Thinking In A New Way)

We have a complicated relationship with what we say we believe. For many of us our personal beliefs come from what we are taught about religion (both good and bad). One of the ideas we misunderstand is repentance.

We tend to think of repentance as feeling sorry or being guilty for doing something. This leads us down the path of avoiding the topic and seeing repenting as a trap. With this misunderstanding we lose the value of repentance as a powerful opportunity.

Part of the original Greek translation of our word repentance included the idea of ‘thinking in a new way’. The result of identifying our shortcomings was to create growth and development to something better. This thinking in a new way creates something better. We may have forgotten or not know this about how turning away from our old way of doing things creates a new opportunity.

What if repentance wasn’t a bad thing? Where in your life are you missing the opportunity to think in a new way. Where does the old thinking create hurt for you and others? Is it possible this old idea might be useful in your daily life? What if by repenting we are growing and developing into something new? –

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