Rest (You Really Need It)

Unlike your lawnmower (or any other machine), you are a human being and it is vitally important for your health and wellbeing that you rest.

As I have posted before, our culture takes great pride in being busy and tired. We wear them like a badges of honor. The dilemma is that as human beings we are built to rest. It is a requirement.

Your lawnmower will run until it runs out of fuel or breaks down and needs maintenance. In addition to needing fuel and maintenance, humans need a recovery period too. Frequently we don’t give ourselves that opportunity. By not creating recovery time, our physical, emotional, and intellectual health is negatively impacted.

Rest is also different from vacation or recreation. Ever have to recover from taking a vacation? Don’t confuse having a fun-filled vacation with rest!

Resting has to be something idle. A time and space where our brains and emotions can wind down and cool off. Turns out we need this idle time on a frequent basis. Don’t confuse screen time with being idle, either!

So what is your relationship with rest? Are you mortal enemies? Long lost and abandoned friends? Complete strangers? Change your relationship with rest. It might take some practice, but pay attention to how your body reacts to having some time to recover. –

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