Stepping Off The Curb

What if the current change you are facing is more like stepping off the curb than jumping off a cliff?

I heard a cool story this week during a networking meeting that I wanted to share. After a period of indecision about starting their own business, this person had a friend say to them, “You won’t be jumping off of a cliff, you will be stepping off the curb.” The image clicked and allowed the business to be created (it is still thriving)!

Has this ever happened to you? Where you had created a story that the change was going to be terrifying and dangerous, only to find out the first step created momentum and you were off and running?

Where are you doing this now? Have you created an image in your head that the next obstacle is a giant drop? That you will lose your security and identity and there is no point in proceeding? What if the change was more like stepping off the curb to cross the street? Is there any chance the things you will sacrifice will be much less than the reward?

Most importantly, how will be able to tell the difference? Do you have the ability to assess your situation and evaluate the risks? Who do you know and trust that can give you the perspective you need to get you off the curb?-

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