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I am taking my own advice and pausing for a few minutes to celebrate my 100th video this week! It is hard to believe! If you look back to June 2017, there was no indication that I would make it this far! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that 100 different conversations was possible. Thank you so much for following along and sharing! This would not have been possible without you! Thank you for watching!

This video was shot at the Loveland Castle in Loveland, OH. In visiting and recording here it was hard to miss the overlap with lots of different topics I have presented previously. Harry Andrews had a very clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish and that vision continued to grow and develop in the 50+ years that he worked (almost single-handedly) on building the castle along the Little Miami River. None of the castle would have been possible without a clear sense of vision, values, priorities, goals, perseverance, motivation, and sense of connectedness and being a part of something bigger. The castle, and its story, embody many of the core themes of my coaching philosophy and practice.

Having said all of that, where is your castle? Where do you fit into the world and what is the role you are intended to play? If some one can see where a medieval can fit into the landscape and story of a river in Ohio, or some one else can start working next week on the path toward the next 100th video, what are you working to create? Where do you find meaning and purpose in your life? How are you building that up? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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