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How do you define the difference between whether a person is an introvert vs extrovert? Do you use a binary system of either being one or the other? Have you ever limited yourself as being too introverted to attempt to show up in the world publicly? Or too extroverted to connect with someone at the personal level?

A black and white definition of introvert vs extrovert limits our ability for personal and professional development. An alternative hypothesis is that being an introvert or extrovert is like moving up and down the spectrum of color. We have the ability move up and down the spectrum and step into varying levels of connection.

The ability to choose something other than your default of introvert or extrovert is a skill that can be developed just like any other. The ability to grow comes from viewing this spectrum like a battery. Just like your cell phone or laptop charge, it takes energy for introverts to be more extroverted. The same is true for extroverts to be more introverted. Introverts recharge by finding solitude and quiet space and time. Extroverts recharge by connecting with others in high energy places.

What is in it for you to step out of your comfort zone and be more introverted or extroverted? What opportunities are you missing by playing small, or by not focusing on the details? Take some time to figure out how to appear different in the world. Then, how to recover from stepping out of your comfort zone?

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