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It struck me reading an article this week of how computer designers are creating computers and robots to be more responsive to users saying Please and Thank you (to the machine). We consider it valuable enough that we want our machines to learn to respond positively to being treated well. It got me thinking – Do we do this for ourselves?

As we continue to develop our businesses, one of the most significant deciding factors becomes customer service. Your competitors are looking for an edge in better serving and competing for your customers. The simple courtesy of saying please and thank you has proven to make a tangible difference. One of the biggest pieces of feedback given in employee satisfaction surveys is wanting a direct supervisor to genuinely acknowledge an employee’s contribution with please and thank you. Are you doing that for your customers and employees? Your competition may be getting ahead of you if you aren’t!

Want a simple way to improve relationships both personally and professionally? Go back to preschool! Say please and thank you! –

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