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We are attracting the life we live. Whether we intend to (or even want to), we are in a relationship with the world around us. That relationship goes both ways. I have posted previously about how reducing negativity impacts our daily living and how the lenses we wear impact our perception, but because the relationship goes both ways, the world also responds to our actions, thoughts, beliefs, and even energy.  This paradox may be difficult to discern.  Which comes first, my positive outlook and hope, or the opportunity to be positive and hopeful? The reality is that the world responds in kind. If we are negative we receive negativity. If we are hopeful we receive hope. This creates an opportunity to change the world around us. If my attitude and energy impact the world’s response, then choosing how I relate to the world changes my own reality. This does not mean we will receive all of our wishes. It does not mean we won’t encounter obstacles. But  we have the ability to attract the life we want to live. We can do so by working to live the life we want. What life are you living now? Are you fearful? Negative? What changes do you need make on a daily basis to live the life want? –

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