The Courage To Differ Graciously

In our divisive culture we still get to choose who we are and how we appear. What if you had the courage to differ graciously instead of just arguing and fighting?

I recently found two phrases from Brian McLaren about how to approach differing beliefs inside and between faith systems. This seems to apply to a lot of the differences we are facing in our daily lives as well.

The first is the “courage to differ graciously”. Yes, we have lots of differences. What about your courage though? What would it take for you be be brave and face the differences instead of fighting or running away? Gracious isn’t a word you hear very often. To be filled with grace for yourself and others. To be grateful, patient, and kind, even to those you disagree with. We all need to practice both of these ideas.

The second phrase is “Oh wow, I see that differently.” McLaren offers it as the place to start when you find a big gap in beliefs and opinions. It allows for your voice to be heard in a way that isn’t combative or dismissive of someone else. It creates an opportunity to end the conversation, or ask if the person is interested in telling you more.

My request is this week is to look for opportunities to practice both of these phrases in small ways. By adding them to your toolbox and practicing them, you are creating a space for something to change for yourself and others. –

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