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Imagine for a moment standing one a board and being asked to pick it up without moving your feet. It would be almost impossible to pick up the board without changing your position or perspective. Life can be like this. Sometimes the obstacles blocking our path to our dreams and goals are internal. Where in your life would getting out of your own way open up opportunities?

We all face obstacles in our career path, business development, teamwork, and relationships. It is very easy to explain away limiting factors, conflict, and challenges as being created from external sources. It would be naive to believe, though, that each of us doesn’t play an equal role in how we meet the obstacles in front of us. We get in our own way through negative beliefs, binary thinking, and the skewed stories we tell ourselves.

Where are you avoiding working on healing a damaged friendship? Who are the clients and customers you are not engaged with to your full potential? Who is the teammate or staff member you have built a process around in order to avoid a tough conversation? We all have examples of making choices to not change that end up blocking our own path. Frequently to our own detriment.

Where in your life are you making choices that keep you as your own obstacle? What do you need to do in order to find a creative solution of stepping off of that board in order to move forward and pick it up? –

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