Gracetree Personality Styles Workshop – Rescheduled for 6/3/2017

Personality Styles: 101 
Hosted by Gracetree Yoga & Growth Studio
8933 Cincinnati Dayton Road, Olde West Chester OH 45069
Date: Saturday, June 3rd
Time: 1:00-4:00 pm
Investment: $40
This workshop is being re-scheduled workshop from 4/29/2017.  
How do I appear in the world? What are the benefits and risks of the way I relate to others? What would it take to develop something new?
This being human creates a filter through which we encounter the world. We call it our PERSONALITY. It isn’t an accident that it is there and sometimes it helps us to get through the day. Sometimes it is an obstacle to overcome.
This workshop will explore the fundamentals of personality styles and how we each relate to the world. Our intention will be to increase personal awareness, emotional intelligence, and develop intentional strategies for connecting with others.
Come join us and develop your ability to relate to others through introspection and self development.
John is a certified life coach through the Life Purpose Institute, LLC. He specializes in helping individuals find purpose and meaning in their daily lives through a whole-person, heart-centered approach to living.

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  1. What if our relationships with our families, friends and co-workers need to be fed and maintained just like our bodies? We eat, exercise, and go to the doctor to promote physical health. Our relationships benefit from the same maintenance and growth! Come check it out as we review the elements of how we relate to others. Who do you know that might be interested?

    Come join us!

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