Humility and Being Humble

What is humility and being humble? How do you experience it?

I’ve posted previously about our love/hate relationship with pride. If humility is the flip side of that same coin, I imagine we also have a tangled relationship with being humble. We think of it in terms of extremes and it is either positive or negative and either a sign of weakness or something others have too little of in the world.

Today I’m not talking about the long laundry list of all the places your neighbor or enemy need to be humble. I’m talking about you. How do you experience it? What do you believe about it? Where do you have too much humility in your life? What part of your life could benefit from being a bit more humble?

There ARE benefits of lowering our image of ourself down to that of others. There is a letting go and releasing the fight we find ourselves in to keep our self image above others. It offers the opportunity to find the areas of our lives that would benefit from being improved.

I dare you to take a look inside yourself over the next few weeks. Where have you been hard and cold to others? Where would being humble soften some of those edges, not only for others but for you as well?

If there are positive and negative ways to be proud, there are also positive and negative ways to be humble. Where in your life would adding some humility be helpful? –

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