Keep The Story Going

A detail that needs to be pointed out about the symbol of the Cosmic Egg is that all three stories are NOT finished. Part of our purpose is to keep the story going. What pages of My Story, Our Story, and The Story are you currently writing?

I hope that isn’t a revolutionary idea for you. Hopefully it is also a thought or belief that doesn’t get lost in our daily shuffle of life. My narrative is still being written. Our narrative is still being written. The Narrative is still being written.

Which means that in standing in this spot, you and I have a roll to play. A purpose to be fulfilled. It is our job to keep writing these stories. At all three levels. In fact, each of these levels NEED us to keep writing them!

Ironically, my personal biography, my family’s narrative, my country’s history, and my planet’s tale, my faith’s mythology are all open-ended. They won’t stay that way if I don’t write the next pages and chapters of them.

So where do you see yourself in these layers? What do you understand your role to be? There is a future in front of you that needs to be created, and it won’t happen unless you take responsibility in creating them. What do you want your portion of these stories to say? Don’t wait any longer to start writing! –

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