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It has been a busy few weeks at Rhoads Life Coaching!
September is ramping up as well! Come join me at Grace Tree Growth & Yoga Studio for the next series! Please share with your friends and neighbors! I hope to see you there!
Internal Lenses: Developing Self-Awareness through Observation and Introspection – 10-week series with John Rhoads, CPC
Dates: Tuesday, September 4th thru November 6th
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Investment: $150 for the 10-week session or $15/session (Early bird pricing: $125)
Internal Lenses is a 10-week, 60-minute/session series that will explore the idea that we create internal lenses for ourselves through our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and how the world works.
Participants will practice methods of meditation, self-observation, and reflection to allow them to identify their personal lenses, where they come from, and how these lenses may affect daily life.
This series will be presented as individual units and can be completed as a series or individual classes. Newcomers are welcome!
This series is related to personal development and not Karma work.
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