Social Endurance

Just like physical endurance, we also have a social endurance. Social muscles that build & can lose elasticity, strength, & power. We have all lost some of that endurance over the last year & it will take time, effort, & patience to build it back up.

Over the last year we have been limited in terms of where we can go, who we see, & how long we visit new places. Just like not going to the gym for a few months, we have lost some of the strength & endurance that we had a year ago in being able to navigate through social situations.

This could look like being angry or agitated more quickly when we are out in public. It might be feeling exhausted after a short period of time being in a crowd, or even back in the office. Because we are out of social shape, our energy drains very quickly being in social situations that would not have bothered us previously.

Even if you don’t experience this personally, someone you know will be. Those around you are working to build their endurance up again. It will take time. Be patient with yourself & others as we head back out into the world this spring & summer. It is exciting to be out & about! Just remember you (and those around you) are building their endurance back up!

Thank you to the City of Hamilton for funding the murals around town. It has been a lot of fun to film them. Thank you to the Street Spark artists for their amazing creativity! Thank you to you the viewers for your patience with the audio in some of these recent videos. It is challenging recording near busy streets.-

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