Standing at the Doorway

I have written previously about how we are all standing at the doorway between our internal and external worlds. The external world we can all see and share. Your internal world only you can see. Understanding about our internal world has a dramatic influence on how we experience the external world.

In doing some of my own work this week it occurred to me that I get to choose HOW I stand at that door! Can you picture yourself standing at that boundary? Do you peer out fearfully? Does it feel like the external world is trying to knock the door down mentally, emotionally, or physically? Are you hiding what is behind the door so no one can see what is inside?

There are lots of different ways to stand at this threshold. The revelation is that you get to choose how you stand in that space. It is possible to choose to stand at equilibrium with the external world instead of barricading yourself inside that inner world.

What would it look like for you to stand at equilibrium at the threshold? To be safe in the doorway? Confident you can navigate both worlds. Ironically, if you are able to change your stance, both the external and internal world will appear different.

I dare you test drive this idea for yourself in the coming weeks. What do you have to loose? You get to choose who you are standing at that doorway. –

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