Rubber Bands & Change

When it comes to change, we have a lot in common with rubber bands. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable. Too little and we do not grow or adapt, not living up to our potential or purpose. Too much change, especially too quickly, and we can break. Just like rubber bands, we are not meant to sit in our current state. We are intended to stretch and develop. So how to go about stretching into something new without snapping back? A shift in perception can add intention to how we approach growth and development. What do you need to do to continue to grow and develop at a rate that is both challenging and sustainable? –



A ‘multiplicity’ is a very large number, sometimes grouped together. We sometimes think of ourselves as one singular person when in fact our personality has many facets and dimensions, each with their own needs and wants. How do those facets conflict or complement each other in your life?



As we settle into routines and the day-in, day-out flow of life, we start to function like a machine. We just go through the motions as we are swept along in all of the things to do. To increase meaning and purpose in how we live, this mechanicalness has to be removed! What aspects of your life have crystallized into mechanical behavior?  If we don’t pay attention and create intention in our thoughts and actions we become like machines-like. Full living comes from the heart!