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I wrote last week trying to describe the consequences of ignoring our social contract. Implicit in this contract is that if the ‘haves’ get too far ahead of the ‘have-nots’ our contract will collapse. In order to achieve the things we want as a community, culture and society, we all have to go together.

Have you ever thought about that? Our culture is wired to try and ‘get ahead’. We believe the path to success is ‘win’ against the competition. The eat or be eaten mindset doesn’t account for the fact that a social contract still exists regardless of how we approach life. Suddenly the gap created by getting too far ahead creates a problem. To say it a different way, leaving the ‘have nots’ too far behind breaks our unspoken agreement of how to treat each other as humans.

We have watched this play out across the country over the last few weeks. The separation has become unsustainable. Unless those of us who stand in a place of prosperity and privilege pause to help those struggling behind us, we will not be able to continue forward. Because of this social contract, the ‘haves’ are bound to the ‘have-nots’ and must help if we want to keep going.

How does this play out for you? Are you aware of the contract? Are you aware of your place in it? If you are like me, you come from the privileged side of the equation. What are we being called to do to help? We all have to go together. In order to do that, we must be willing to help those less fortunate than ourselves. What is your role in the solution? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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