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Frequently we get so focused on what we must gain in order to change we forget we must also be willing to give something up. What must you let go of in order to grow?

When coaching, it is sometimes difficult to miss the armloads of preconceived notions, belief systems, biases, fears, grudges, hopes, dreams, successes and failed attempts a client may have trouble seeing over and through as they try to develop something new in themselves. All of these things have served a valuable role in helping the person get to this point in their life, but sometimes this mass of stuff prevents being able to do something different.

It helps to imagine these internal biases as physical objects (maybe rocks, or bricks) that get carried into every situation. By creating this image, it is easier to understand how we are unable to pick up something new, because our arms are full of the past.

Suddenly it is possible to entertain the option of setting something down, before a new mindset or belief can be picked up. Take a few minutes and think about a struggle you are having in your growth and development. What is it you are trying to achieve, and what are you holding onto that is preventing it from happening? What must you let go of in order to grow? – www.rhoadscoaching.com

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