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It’s funny how different things stick with you. I have a clear memory of my advisor in school saying during a lecture, “The world is a patchy place”. The way it was stated struck me as humorous at the time. Little did I know that it would keep popping up over the years.

Have you ever paid any attention to the fact that the world is a patchy place? There are very few things we encounter that are evenly distributed. The ground beneath your feet, the cells in your body, the groceries at the store, your friends and family all would not exist if the ‘things’ in this world were evenly distributed. There are sound ecological and financial principals as to why the birds come to the feeder together instead of one at a time. Just like three drug stores at the same intersection is better for business than one drug store by itself.

Why do you care? Noticing might help in how you approach navigating toward what you want! Accepting that the world is a patchy place might influence how you go about searching for a job, or hiring new employees. It might help you navigate away from loneliness and being better connected to groups that meet your vision and goals. It could even influence how you treat yourself in terms of reducing negativity, creating goals, or overcoming obstacles.

Part of my coaching has developed around this theory that the world is a patchy place. Where do you need to go next to solve your current problem? If you don’t have what you need where you are, where is the patch of what you need located? How will you get there? –

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