Define Grace For Yourself

How do you define grace? Is it part of your life? What are you missing by not including it as part of being human?

Several times recently the idea of grace has come up in conversations. I was surprised in looking up the definition all of the different meanings it has. For today, my request is the to focus on the aspect of grace defined as “an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency“.

The unique thing about grace, though, is that it can’t be earned. If I can’t earn someone’s kindness or clemency, then it must be freely given. Our culture doesn’t take kindly to anything that can’t be earned or traded. Yet there is something very human about grace being freely given.

Is this an idea that exists in your world? For most of us it is easier to consider when thinking about religion or a higher power. Because of this, it also makes it more difficult for it to be part of our daily lives.

What if you were to apply grace as a tool in how you relate to others (and even yourself)? Take some time this season to consider where this unearned kindness does appear and where it might be needed more in your life. How do you define it? How can you develop it in yourself? –

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