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How would you describe yourself? There are lots of different labels and tags to define how we identify ourselves. At the core though, you are a human being! Does your life reflect that? Or are you a “human doing”? How is that different? Does it matter?

If our lists of things to do, calendars events, paychecks, cars, houses, accomplishments, and over-busy lives were the most important things, we would call ourselves human doings. But we don’t! While our lives can be very mechanical, there is more to us than all of the daily repetition. There is a difference between being and doing! We identify ourselves as beings, so there is more to us than what we do. But what is that? It starts with separating your doing from your being.  At some level we understand there is a piece of us that is different from our job and achievements. Evidence for this is that we love our partner, or child, or pet for who they are, not what what they do. The same logic applies to you. If you can begin to see value in who you are, you can separate that from what you do. It takes practice and lots of self-observation.

Again, does it matter? If you are not a “human doing” then our busy-ness and stuff is not as valuable as we think. Your value comes from your being. What we do is not who we are. You are a human being! So who are you? –

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