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There are things we repeat (over and over) that become our habits (good and bad). Think for a few seconds about some of the repetition and patterns you have created over the course of your life… The way you get dressed, or how you eat your eggs, or the stories your tell yourself about who you are or what you are worth… How many times have you repeated those habits (hundreds, thousands)?

To change an old habit we need to counter-act it with repetition of a good habit. All of the self-help books and videos out there offer options for doing just that. Some work and some don’t. John Wooden’s whole philosophy around winning as a team was and being successful as a person was embodied in repeating over and over what it looked like to succeed (all the way down to how to tie your shoes as an athlete). What in your life are you so passionate about that you are willing to make that kind of effort? What do you want for your life and how motivated are you to make it happen? The first steps begin with repeating the habits that will lead you to your goals.

What repeating do you need to make to reach the vision you have for yourself? What old repetitions are getting in the way? –

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