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Introspection is the act of slowing down & looking inside ourselves to observe our internal world. Until we look inside we can’t see the whole picture.

We have each developed a software code that runs who we are as a person. It addresses all of the internal and external things we experience. It determines how we react to everything and how well we are able to react to the world around us. Frequently this code needs to be inspected. Is there a glitch? Have you applied a filter to your system that is not benefiting you? Do you have a bug in your code that needs to be fixed? The only way to find out is to be introspective and look inside to inspect how your insides work.

So how to begin? What does introspection look like for you? In our fast-paced world it is difficult to focus time, energy and attention inside. Stopping long enough to observe thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations is a good start. Asking ‘why do I feel this way?’ or ‘what does this sensation need?’ can become a habit of observing without judgement. The value of introspection is in acknowledging the different parts of ourselves and observing whether those parts are reacting to the world in a healthy way. –

Introspection - Rhoads Life Coaching


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